Cashel for Africa

Post Advertiser, Aug. 1985, Vol. 1, No. 4


A group of young people in Cashel concerned about the plight of the famine victims in Africa, have got together to help raise funds.

On Saturday August 17th they intend to do in miniature in Cashel, what Bob Geldof did so successfully recently on television. They hope to raise a quota of £500 from this musical event. This seems a very mod­est quota and it is hoped that the traditional generosity of the people of the town and district will help the organisers to exceed this quota. And, of course, every single penny that is collected on the day will go directly to the starving victims. What can people expect on Saturday 17th? They will get eight hours of live music in the open air from 11a.m. to 7 p.m. The organisers have already got promises from many groups, who are giving their services free on the day but they would welcome anyone who is prepared to sing, play or dance on the occasion.

In order to cater for every taste the organisers are offering a variety of music from traditional to rock. It will be the first time ever that such an event will be organised and everyone can expect the greatest feast of music in the town since the famous "Fleadh Ceol of 1969.

The following groups have promised their services to date. The Cashel Brass Band, the Dxies, Blackthorn, The Slatterys, Nancy McDonnell's School of Dancing, Comhlthas, Moon Shadow, The Bleeding Poets, Space Space Related, Sean Gl-eeson and Band, Paddy Cummins, Francis Curry of the Bards, Honesty, the Dead Beats. Naturally the day will not finish at 7p.m. The formal may come to an end but the informal will be only beginning. All of the county will be welcome.