Recent G.A.A. Publications - 2000

Tipperary G.A.A. Yearbook 2001, pp 127-128


Quite a number of books on G.A.A. matters appeared during the year or will be appearing in the near future. Two of the latter, which are scheduled to appear in the Spring, are divisional histories. J.J. Kennedy has been working for some years on the history of the west division and the book is near set to go to the printers. 

It will include about 600 pages and there's a preview of it elsewhere in this book. I am completing the history of the north division and it is hoped to have it published next March. It will also be an extensive work. These will be very valuable works and fill a niche in the county collection of G.A.A. books. The other divisions are partly catered for. Michael Dundon brought out a short history of the mid division in 1984 and Michael O'Meara's south convention handbook last December included an extensive list of previous board officers, scór winners, gate receipts and championship results. Both are important reference sources. 

Three Club Histories

On the club front the past year saw the publication of three club histories. In July the history of the G.A.A. in Drangan and Cloneen, 1885-2000 was launched in the Community Hall, Cloneen. Produced by a history committee and written by Eamon Hall, it is an invaluable reference work on the history of the club. Attractively produced in A4 size and containing 240 pages, it is written on good quality paper, has a fine selection of photographs and is great value for £10. 

Early in November Emly brought out their club history called "Parish of Emly - History of Gaelic Games and Athletics" edited by Michael O'Dwyer, who published the "History of Emly" some years back. Emly was originally a hurling place and one of its early stalwarts was Jack Raleigh, who played with the famous Greyhounds. An early administrator was Johnny Hennessy, who is reputed to have scored a point from a puckout on one occasion. Another famous Emly man was Jim Mitchel, a great athlete, who held the world record in the hammer event. He remained in the U.S. after the 1888 "Invasion" and travelled to Athens for the Olympics. On his way he hurt his shoulder and couldn't perform so he reported the games for an American newspaper. For more, buy the book, which contains over 300 pages and is in hardback, for £15. 

The third club history is called "Inane Rovers Gaelic Football Club - 50th Anniversary" and it was launched by Michael Frawley, Chairman of Football Board at Grant's Hotel, Roscrea on December 1. For half a century Inane have been ploughing a lone football furrow in the north division and this book celebrates their achievements. The book contains 124 pages, includes over 80 photographs, sells at the giveaway price of £5 and is written as a labour of love by Ciaran MacNicolas. 

Two-Mile-Borris celebrated the All-Ireland hurling winners of 1900 during the year. The club erected a monument to the men in the heart of the village and G.A.A. President, Sean McCague, came to unveil it. In conjunction with the celebrations Jimmy Fogarty produced a souvenir history which gives an account of the lives and times of these heroes from 1885-1920. Containing 76 pages it's available for £5 and is an important complement to the Moycarkey-Borris club history, which was published in 1984. 

Tipperary's G.A.A. Ballads

In a totally different field is a book called "Tipperary's G.A.A. Ballads" which was launched in the Sarsfields Social Centre, Thurles, on November 25. Containing over 700 pages it includes the ballads, poems and recitations of the G.A.A. in the county since the Association was founded in 1884 and even some from before that date. It was produced by the Millennium Committee as a Millennium project and is chiefly the work of Liam Ó Donnchu, Jimmy Smith, who did the same a few years ago for Clare with "Ballads of the Banner", and myself. I cannot emphasise too much the importance of this publication. Never before has this material been collected and it is now preserved for posterity. Published for £10 it's a steal at the price and should be in every home in Tipperary alongside Knocknagow and other bibles of the county. 

An interesting development in programme production this year was the inclusion of players' townslands and town areas in this year's county final program. 'No man will love his land or race, who has no pride in his native place'. 

Other Publications

Another major work launched during the year was "A History of Gaelic Football". Written by former Galway All-Ireland football star, Jack Mahon, it traces the history of the game from the beginning up to the present. Mahon has a large number of G.A.A. publications to his credit and this is his magnus opus. Published by Gill and MacMillan and retailing at £20, it will long be the main reference book on Gaelic football. 

Blackwater Press brought out "Hurling Heroes" by Eddie Keher at a launch in K'ilkenny in November. In this book Keher profiles fourteen hurling "greats". His choice is interesting and in some cases unusual. There's a strong Tipperary presence in the book with Jimmy Doyle, Pat Fox and Len Gaynor profiled. Another player and manager profiled with strong Tipperary connections is Michael O'Grady. The other "greats" included are Tom Cheasty, Joe Cooney, Ray Cummins, Tony Doran, Pat Hartigan, Fan Larkin, Ger Loughnane, Paddy Molloy, Noel Skehan and Tom Walsh. The book sells for £10. 

Also from Kilkenny is "The Kilkenny G.A.A. Bible", a comprehensive collection of Kilkenny and National G.A.A. records since 1887. It's a Millennium production of the Kilkenny GAA. Yearbook Committee. Almost 200 pages long it is a magnificent reference book and sells for £5. 

A similar kind of book but doing the same thing for the province of Leinster is "Comhairle Laighean 1900-2000 Cead Bliain de Chluichi Gaelacha". Published by the Leinster Council and printed by the Kilkenny People it sells for £10 and is the reference for anyone interested in Leinster Council records. 

Finally, the Munster G.AA History is being updated. First published in 1984, the updated volume will take the story up to 2000. It will include corrections to the first volume and new material on areas of G.A.A. activity not covered in 1984. It will also include a comprehensive bibliography of G.A.A. books published in Munster. It is due for publication in March and will probably retail at £10.