History of United Sports Panel 1959-2009

Golden Jubilee Presentation Booklet, January 31, 2009

When the original members of the United Sports Panel first met they had, in fact, no name. They met in the Slievenamon Hotel, Parnell Street on Saturday, December 12, 1959. When they met a week later to pick their Stars it was unanimously decided on the proposition of Sean Barlow, seconded by Eddie O'Neill, to adopt the name United Sports Panel.'

At their second meeting the panel elected the Sports Stars for 1959 by secret ballot. In the early years the trophies were presented by various business premises in the county but with the introduction of the much-appreciated sponsorship of Messrs Showerings (Ireland) Limited came the introduction of the Cidona Awards. The Panel was the first of its kind to be formed outside Dublin.

The members of the first panel were Sean Cleary (chairman), Sean Lyons (organising secretary), Sean Barlow, Bill Hyland, Christy Mulcahy, Eddie O'Neill, Bill O'Brien, Paddy Cummins, Ken Hogan, Tom Halpin and Ted Dillon. 

The presentation of the awards was made at the Tipperary County Basketball Board's ceili in St. Patrick's Hall, Clonmel on Sunday, January 17, 1960. The recipients were presented in apparent random order. The sports honoured were Camogie, Soccer, Table Tennis, Sports Executive, Athletics, Cycling, Hurling, Boxing, Basketball and Gaelic Football. A photograph of the receipients appeared on the front page of the following week's Nationalist.

The awards were presented by the Mayor of Clonmel, Councillor Maurice Slator, and all ten recipients were in attendance. Each was cheered to the echo as he/she received the award. One of the biggest receptions of the night was reserved for John Doyle, the hurling award winner. Each winner was presented with a cup.

Sean Lyons introduced the various stars, thanked them for coming, and also thanked all those who had donated trophies.

Handball and Pitch & Putt were honoured in 1960 in place of Sports Executive and Boxing. In the report in The Nationalist on the 1961 Sports Stars we are told that the Stars were chosen by ballot at a meeting in the Slievenamon Hotel, Clonmel. Seven awards, all of the same design, were to be presented early in the New Year.

The report goes on to state: 'Stars considered by the panel were those who participated in Tipperary amateur sports during the year, or who represented the county in any of the sports mentioned.'

The report continued: 'The panel was first formed in 1959 when ten awards were made. Last year the panel again decided to choose ten sports, but when the members met this year it was agreed that the number should be reduced by three. Knocked off the list were basketball, soccer and tennis.'

The 1962 Awards were presented at a special dance in the Collins Hall, Clonmel on January 20, 1963.One important addition to the awards was the Knocknagow Award, which was presented to honour an outstanding Tipperary sportsperson from the past. The first recipient was athlete, J. J. Ryan of Cordangan, Tipperary. Also making its first appearance in the awards in that year was weight-lifting.

The United Sports Panel picked eight stars plus the Knocknagow Award in 1963. The awards were presented in the Collins Ballroom, Clonmel on Sunday, January 26, 1964 and the presentations were made at 10 pm by the Mayor of Clonmel, Cllr. M. Kilkelly, P.C.

The four-page program listed the Honorary Members of the U.S.P. They included the Mayor, Christy Mulcahy, Tom Fitzgerald, Jack Pyke, Jim Power, Colm Ryan, Andy Hogan, Snr., Andy Hogan, Jnr., Garry Lonergan, Gerry Coffey, Michael Hogan (Dublin), Mrs. K. O'Flaheryy (Cahir), Paddy O'Loughlin, William Byrne, Michael O'Brien, Ned Gahan, Martin Cronin, Ald. Wm Corbett, Patrick O'Neill (Ardfinnan), John O'Neill, Tom Wall (Carrick-on-Suir), Ald, Sean Treacy, T.D., William Caulfield, Bill Devereux, Senator Wm Ryan (Kilfeacle), Elmville Camogie Club, Con O'Donovan, M.C.C. (Ballyporeen), Ald, John Kennedy, M.C.C., Matt Kennedy, D.P. Honan, M.C.C. (Ennis).

There was a major development when the Clonmel United Sports Panel announced the 1964 Awards. They announced that the Irish Cider and Perry Company was sponsoring the awards and that the trophies would henceforth be known as the Cidona Trophies. Also for the first time there would be a dinner-dance in connection with the presentations and it was scheduled to be held in the Ormonde Hotel on Sunday, January 31, 1965.

A large advertisement appeared in The Nationalist underneath the report of the announcement of the awards and the sponsorship. It stated: 'The Irish Cider & Perry Company Ltd. Salute The Tipperary Sports Stars of 1964 and are pleased to sponsor the Cidona Trophies. Happy Christmas to all Sportsmen and Sportswomen.'

The panel in charge of the presentation was as follows: Tom Halpin, chairman, Sean Barlow, vice-chairman, Sean Lyons, secretary, John Boyle, M.C.C., Bill O'Brien, Bill Hyland, Tom Carroll, Paddy Cummins, Eddie O'Neill, Michael O'Meara, Ted Dillon.

There was a preview of the 1965 awards in the 'Nationalist', the week before the announcement of the awards was made. Columnist Atlas stated that the awards would be presented in the Ormonde Hotel, Clonmel on Sunday, January 23 and attendance would be limited to 200 patrons. It was hoped that the proceedings would be televised for subsequent showing. The Sports panel were pleased to announce that the Irish Cider and Perry Company Ltd. Of Annerville. Clonmel had again agreed to sponsor the awards presentation.

Atlas went on to describe how the sports stars were chosen. According to him any sport can be proposed for a ballot of the members so long 'as it's purely amateur in make-up and outlook. The sports that received 50 percent plus 1 of the panel's voting strength were automatically selected for producing a sports star. In the ballot for the Stars each panel member makes his choice and it has to receive 50 percent plus 1 of the votes to be selected. In the event of a tie or of no candidate reaching the 'quota', further ballots take place.

In answer to the question of influence or pull being used, Atlas stated: 'I have served on the panel since its foundation in 1959 and I can truthfully state that as far as human endeavour will allow, every selection of sports stars is fair, clearcut and above reproach. Maybe that's the secret of the panel's success and its extraordinary growth from year to year.'

The 1966 Awards, which were now called the Cidona Awards, were presented in the Ormonde Hotel, Clonmel on January 29, 1967.

Three new sports, Ladies Athletics, Golf and Rugby, were honoured for the first time in the 1967 Awards. They were presented at a function in the Ormonde Hotel, Clonmel on Saturday, January 20, 1968. Up to that year the Awards were presented on a Sunday night.

The 1968 Awards were presented at the Ormonde Hotel on the last Saturday in January, 1969. In a newspaper report on the selection of the Stars it was stated: 'Thanks to the untiring work by the panel members, the continuing support of the growing numbers of honorary members and, most important of all, to the commercial sponsorship extended to the panel by Messrs Showerings Ltd (Clonmel) without whose assistance USP could never survive in these costly times.'

The 1969 Awards were presented at Hearn's Hotel, Clonmel for the first time on January 16, 1970. The members of the panel were as follows: chairman, Sean Barlow, vice-chairman, Bill O'Brien, secretary, Tom Carroll, treasurer, Ald. Sean Lyons, John Boyle, Ted Dillon, Paddy Cummins, Bill Hyland, Ken Hogan, Michael O'Meara, Christy Mulcahy.

There was a new departure in the 1970 Awards when the Knocknagow Award was given to the eight survivors of the Tipperary team, which won the 1920 All-Ireland senior football title (played in 1922).

The 1971 Awards were presented at Hearn's Hotel on January 29, 1972. They were picked by the United Sports Panel at a meeting in Hearn's Hotel on December 18, 1971 and and history was made when one recipient, Michael Keating, received two awards, in hurling and football. Badminton was honoured for the first time.

The 1972 Awards were presented in the Clonmel Arms Hotel for the first time on Saturday, January 26, 1973. The event commenced at 7-30 pm and the music was by the Remo Quartet. Tickets were £2 each. Clay Bird Shooting was honoured for the first time.

There was an increase in the number of awards to thirteen announced in 1974 and they were presented at a function in the Clonmel Arms Hotel on the last Saturday in January 1975. Volleyball made its appearance for the first time and the Knocknagow Award winner was the well-known journalist and broadcaster, Tommy O'Brien, who was one of the finest billiard players in the county during the fifties. Brothers Jimmy and Paddy Doyle received awards in different sports.

The 1975 Awards were presented at a function in the Clonmel Arms Hotel on the last Saturday in January 1976. Rowing was awarded for the first time. 

The 1976 Awards were presented at a dinner oin the Clonmel Arms Hotel on Saturday, January 29, 1977. Equestrian, Sculling and Tennis were awarded for the first time.

The 1978 Awards were presented at the Clonmel Arms Hotel on January 27, 1979. Darts were honoured for the first time.

The 1979 Awards were presented at the Clonmel Arms Hotel at the end of January 1980. History was made when the Knocknagow Award was won by a lady, former international hockey player, Jenny O'Donnell, for the first time. 

The souvenir program produced for the 1980 awards includes a greatly expanded list of Honorary Members, one hundred and seventy-six in all. Virtually every public representative and local councillor is included. Also included is a list of the officers to date. The chairmen included Sean Cleary (1960), Tom Halpin (1961-65), Sean Barlow (1966-68), Bill O'Brien (1969-71), Ken Hogan (1972-1974), Bill Hyland (1974), John Boyle (1975-78), Seamus O'Doherty (1979-81). The secretaries during the period were Sean Lyons (1960-65), Eddie O'Neill (1966-68), Tom Carroll (1969-72), Seamus O'Doherty (1973-74), Ken Hogan (1975-81). Sean Lyons took over as treasurer in 1966 and was still in the position in 1981.

The names of all the Stars and Knocknagow Award winners over the twenty-one years are included.

The officers are as follows: chairman, Seamus O'Doherty; vice-chairman, Ted Dillon; secretary, Ken Hogan; treasurer, Sean Lyons. The committee included John Boyle, Sean Barlow, Bill O'Brien, Johnny Ryan, Liam Delahunty, Johnny O'Loughlin, Jimmy Cooney. As many as fifteen Awards were made, with Shooting included for the first time.

The 1981 Awards included Powerlifting for the first time.

The 1982 Awards were presented at the Clonmel Arms Hotel on January 29, 1983. Olympic gold medalists Dr. Pat O'Callaghan and Bob Tisdall, were selected for the Knocknagow Award. 

The 1984 Awards were the Silver Jubilee Awards of the United Sports Panel and they were presented at the Clonmel Arms Hotel on January 26, 1985. In a press release in connection with the Awards, the panel outlined its distinguished history over twenty-five years and concluded by saying: 'In these times when a cynical approach to all games is growing and the less acceptable face of some facets of the game are hitting the headlines, the ideals for which the Panel was formed twenty-five years ago, to further sport for its own sake, is still laudable and worthy of support.'

The distinction between men's and ladies' athletics was abolished and athletics became one award, open to men and women.

The 1985 Awards were presented at the Clonmel Arms Hotel on January 25, 1986. Rallying was honoured for the first time. Motor Sport made its first appearance in 1986

The United Sports Panel of 1987 was as follows: chairman, Liam Delahunty, vice-chairman, Johnny O'Loughlin, secretary, Seamus O'Doherty, treasurer, Sean Lyons; committee included Jimmy Cooney, Davy Hallinan, Peter Tobin, Sean Barlow, Ted Dillon, Michael Guinan, Johnny Ryan.

In the course of his remarks at the AGM the chairman said he would like to see a get-together of the Panel before Christmas. This would suggest that there wasn't a get-together the previous year. At the next meeting the treasurer reported there would be a get-together for the Panel at Cahir House on Sunday, January 3. Johnny O'Loughlin recalls a Chairman's Dinner from the time he joined, but believes it didn't take place one or two years because of financial constraints.

Two new sports, Judo and Raquetball, were honoured for the first time in 1989, and Canine Sports and Deep Sea Angling made their appearance in 1990.

A new spotlight was introduced for the presentation of the 1992 Awards in the Clonmel Arms Hotel on the last Saturday in January 1993. The chairman's dinner was held in Cahir House Hotel on Sunday, January 3.

More sports continued to make their appearance in the Awards. In 1995 there were three, Gymnastics, Hockey and Snooker. Swimming was honoured for the first time in 1996, as was Horse Racing in 1998. At the presentation dinner in the Clonmel Arms Hotel on January 31, 1999 with 350 guests present, Johnny Ryan was presented with an inscribed silver tankard to honour twenty-five years of loyal service to the panel.

A sub-committee of the United Sports Panel was held in the Clonmel Arms Hotel on October 3, 1999 to discuss a special event to celebrate the Millennium Presentation Dinner. The following suggestions were agreed: a) selection of the outstanding sportsmen since the awards began; b) honour the surviving members of the 1959 Sports Stars; c) seek Showerings involvement; d) video the awards ceremony and seek exposure on Multichannel TV; e) produce a souvenier brochure, possibly in colour. 

After some years being held in Clonmel Arms Hotel the chairman's dinner was held in Cahir House Hotel. Showerings Ltd. gave a 'once off' subvention of £500 to the panel. Three hundred and seventeen people attended the Awards Dinner in the Clonmel Arms Hotel on January 29, 2000. A presentation tankard was presented to Liam Delahunty to honour twenty-five years loyal service to the panel.

The chairman's dinner was held in Bailey's of Cashel in January 2002 and Johnny O'Loughlin and Jimmy Cooney were presented with mementoes for their 25 years of service to the panel.. There was a large crowd at the Presentation Dinner in the Clonmel Arms Hotel on January 25, 2002, with 348 guests attending. Sailing was honoured for the first time.

Sean Lyons, a founder member, retired at the end of the year. As well as concieving the idea of the awards scheme, Sean was a driving force on the panel over the years and played a huge and pivotal role in its organisation and development. Unfortunately the year ended with the death of Sean, one of the founder members of the panel and for many years the inspiration behind its work. 

Martial Arts was recognised for the first time in the 2002 Awards.

At a meeting on November 9, 2004 it was agreed to name the Sports Executive Award the Sean Lyons Sports Executive Award. It was also agreed to inaugurate a new award, a Special Achievement Award, to be awarded to to athletes who were performaing with some deficiency.

At the November 9, 2005 meeting the members were informed that the Clonmel Arms Hotel was closing down. Seamus McCarthy offered the Bank of Ireland building in Parnell Street as a meeting place.

A new venue had to be found for the Presentation Dinner and the Hotel Minella was the choice for the meal on January 28, 2006. A letter was sent to Showerings re increase in sponsorship. In reply the company agreed to increase our sponsorship by •1,000 to cover the cost of our move to the Minella Hotel. The chairman's dinner was held in Legends, Cashel on January 14, 2006.

The AGM of 2006 was held in Mulcahy's Bar, Gladstone Street, Clonmel on October 23. It became the new location of the Panel meetings. Officers elected were as follows: chairman, James Holohan, vice-chairman, Cyril O'Flaherty; secretary, Seamus J. King, treasurer, Ken Conway. Members: Eamonn Wynne, Jimmy Cooney, Johnny O'Loughlin, Michael Guinan, Richie Blanche, Liam Ó Donnchú, Seamus McCarthy. The chairman's dinner was held in Lilli Mai's, Golden on January 20 and the Presentation Dinner was held in the Minella Hotel on January 27.

The biggest change in the 2007 Awards was in the change in the name of the Awards. The Cidona brand was no longer held by Showerings Limited so they could not retain the name for the Awards. A new name had to be found and the one chosen was Annerville, the name of the townsland where the company is located. So after forty-two years as the Cidona Awards they were called the Annerville Awards for 2007 and presented as such at the presentation dinner, in the Minella Hotel on February 2, 2008.

The 50th presentations of the awards took place in the Minella Hotel, Clonmel on January 21, 2009. Special guests at the dinner included past members of the panel as well as the survivors of the first awards. A special presentation booklet was produced for the occasion outlining the history of the awards and including the names of all the winners over fifty years. It also included the names of all the members of the United Sports Panel over the period as well as a representative selection of photgraphs.


The United Sports Panel Award Winners 1959-2008

1959: Camogie: Terry Griffin (Roscrea); Soccer: Pat Ward (Cahir); Table tennis: Kevin Pyke (Hillview); Sports Executive: Bill Hyland (Clonmel A. & C.C.); Athletics: Jack Lalor (Carrick); Cycling: Johnny Gearon (Clonmel); Hurling: John Doyle (Holycross-Ballycahill); Boxing: Liam Ralph (Thurles); Basketball: Phil Fanning (Clonmel); Gaelic Football: Leo Dooley (Roscrea). 

1960: Athletics: Jack Lalor (Carrick); Basketball: Timmy O'Dwyer (Clonmel); Hurling: Theo English (Marlfield); Camogie: Kitty O'Flaherty (Cahir); Handball: Con and Tom Cleere (Nenagh); Gaelic Football: Tony Newport (Fethard); Cycling: Patsy Wall (Carrick-on-Suir); Soccer: Mick Boyle (Cahir); Table Tennis: Kevin Pyke (Clonmel); Pitch & Putt: Liam Daly (Clonmel).

1961: Hurling: Liam Devaney (Borrisoleigh); Handball: John Cleary (Tipperary); Pitch and Putt: Eoin Morrissey (Clonmel); Gaelic Football: Babs Keating (Ardfinnan); Cycling: Patsy Wall (Carrick); Athletics: Liam F. Gleeson (Nenagh); Camogie: Honor Flynn (Tipperary).

1962: Hurling: Donie Nealon (Burgess); Gaelic Football: Babs Keating (Ardfinnan); Weight-Lifting: John Kirwan (Clonmel); Camogie: Nora Foley (Elmville); Cycling : Patsy Wall (Carrick); Athletics: Hugh O'Callaghan (Clonmel); Sports Executive: Gerry Doyle (Thurles); Handball : Paddy Hickey (Clogheen); Kncoknagow Award: J. J. Ryan (Tipperary).

1963: Hurling: Michael Maher (Holycross); Gaelic Football : Babs Keating (Ardfinnan); Sports Executive: Tommy Ryan (Clonmel); Cycling: John Lonergan (Ballylooby); Handball: Paddy Hickey (Clogheen); Athletics: Hugh O'Callaghan (Clonmel); Camogie: Kathleen Griffin (Roscrea); Soccer: Denis Halpin (Cahir); Knocknagow Award: Martin Kennedy (Toomevara).

1964: Hurling: Tony Wall (Thurles Sarsfields); Gaelic Football: Paddy Dawson (Emly); Sports Executive: Kitty O'Flaherty (Cahir); Camogie: Anne Carroll (Ballintaggart); Boxing: Robert Redmond (Clonmel); Athletics: Hugh O'Callaghan (Clonmel); Cycling: John Lonergan (Ballylooby); Weightlifting: Frank Rothwell (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Tommy O'Keeffe (Clonmel).

1965: Athletics: Michael Hickey (Dundrum A.C.); Boxing: Nicky Butler (Carrick-on-Suir); Camogie: Anne Carroll (St. Patrick's); Cycling: Johnny Lonergan (Clonmel A. & C.C.); Gaelic Football: Paddy O'Connell (Clonmel Commercials); Hurling: John McKenna (Borrisokane); Soccer: Buddy Anderson (Clonmel); Sports Executive: John Moloney (Galtee Rovers); Weightlifting: Frank Rothwell (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Johnny Healy (Clonmel).

1966: Athletics: Liam Gleeson (Nenagh); Boxing: Bobbie Redmond (Ferryhouse); Camogie: Anne Carroll (St. Patrick's); Gaelic Football: Michael Keating (Ardfinnan); Handball: Paddy Hickey (Burncourt); Hurling: Mick Roche (Carrick Davins); Soccer: Andy Hogan (Clonmel Bohemians); Sports Executive: F. W. C. Ruthledge (Tipperary); Knocknagow Award: Joe Butler (Cahir).

1967: Athletics: Michael O'Sullivan; Ladies Athletics: Kathleen Leane (Thurles); Boxing: Noel Connors (Thurles); Golf: John Carey (Roscrea); Hurling: Len Gaynor (Kilraune MacDonaghs); Soccer: Marty Hogan (Tipperary); Sports Executive: Liam Delahunty (Clonmel); Weightlifting: Frank Rothwell (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: John Ayres (Nenagh). 

1968: Ladies Athletics: Nuala Bowe (Moycarkey-Borris AC); Men's Athletics: Mick Hickey (Dundrum A.C.); Boxing: Jimmy Connors (Thurles BC); Cycling: Tony Ryan (Carrick Wheelers); Camogie: Beatrice Lawrence (Elmville); Gaelic Football: Johnny Cummins (Ardfinnan); Handball: Paddy Hickey (Clogheen) and Connie Cleere (Nenagh); Hurling: Mick Roche (Carrick Davins); Rugby: Johnny Moroney (London-Irish); Soccer: Tom O'Flaherty (Clonmel Bohemians); Sports Executive: Rev. Bro. J. C. Joyce (Nenagh CBS); Knocknagow Award: Dr. Paddy Stokes (Fethard).

1969: Ladies Athletics: Emily Hallinan (Newcastle A.C.); Men's Athletics: Christy Maher (Golden A.C.); Boxing: Frank Cahill (Mullinahone BC); Camogie: Sally Long (Thurles CC); Cycling: John Lonergan (Carrick Wheelers CC); Gaelic Football: Mick Burns (Lattin-Cullen); Handball: Pat Davin (Kickham Barrack, Clonmel); Hurling: Jimmy Doyle (Thurles Sarsfields); Soccer: Eddie O'Dwyer (St. Michael's, Tipperary); Sports Executive: John Moloney (Galtee Rovers); Knocknagow Award: Edward Beary (Clonmel).

1970: Athletics: Liam Spooner (Premier AC); Boxing: Bobby Redmond (Ferryhouse); Camogie: Margaret Cleary (Thurles); Cycling: Johnny Lonergan (Carrick Wheelers CC); Gaelic Football: Michael Keating (Ardfinnan); Handball: Willie Fitzgibbon (Tipperary); Hurling: Francis Loughnane (Roscrea); Soccer: Eddie Anderson (Clonmel); Weightlifting: Frank Rothwell (Clonmel); Sports Executive: Stephen Waters (Mullinahone BC); Knocknagow Award: Jim Ryan (Loughmore), Jim Moran (Mullinahone), Mick Nolan (Mullinahone), Dick Lanigan (Grangemockler), Mick Tobin (Grangemockler), Bill Ryan (Castleiney), Ned Cummins (Fethard), Tom Ryan (Clogheen).

1971: Ladies Athletics: Margaret Crosse (Donohill); Men's Athletics: Dessie O'Connor (Tipperary); Badminton: Kathleen Marks (Roscrea); Boxing: Eddie Madden (Mullinahone); Gaelic Football: Michael Keating (Ardfinnan); Handball: Paddy Hickey (Clogheen); Hurling: Michael Keating (Ballybacon-Grange); Soccer: D. D. Cremmins (Tipperary); Sports Executive: J. P. McGowan (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Joe Bergin (Nenagh).

1972: Ladies Athletics: Freddie Cooney (St. Anthony's AC); Men's Athletics: Pat Healy (Coolcroo); Badminton (Mick Craddock (Thurles); Cycling: Sean Kelly (Carrick Wheelers Road Club); Clay Pigeon Shooting: Tony Sheehan (Killusty); Gaelic Football: Jim Kehoe (Kilsheelan); Handball: Paddy Hickey (Clogheen & Connie Cleere (Nenagh); Hurling: Francis Loughnane (Roscrea); Soccer: Seanie Hogan (Clonmel Bohemians); Sports Executive: Seamus Doherty (Premier); Knocknagow Award: Ned Tobin (Ballylooby).

1973: Ladies Athletics: Freddie Cooney (St. Anthony's AC); Men's Athletics: Liam Gleeson: Nenagh Olympic AC); Badminton: Tony Fox (Terryglass BC); Cycling: Sean Kelly (Carrick Wheelers Road Club); Gaelic Football: Eddie Webster (Loughmore-Castleiney); Handball: Willie Fitzgibbon (Tipperary); Hurling: Francis Loughnane (Roscrea); Soccer: Maurice Slater (Waterford AFC); Sports Executive: Rev. Nicholas Power (St. Mary's, Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Paddy Ormonde (Ballyporeen).

1974: Ladies Athletics: Freddie Cooney (Kilfeacle); Men's Athletics: Liam Hennessy (Cappawhite); Badminton: Paddy Doyle (Thurles); Cycling: Sean Kelly (Carrick Wheelers); Gaelic Football: Eamonn O'Gorman (Ardfinnan); Ladies Football: Lilian Gorey (Drangan); Golf: Arthur Pierce (Tipperary); Handball: Tony Ryan (Ballypatrick); Hurling: Jimmy Doyle (Thurles Sarsfields);  Pitch & Putt: Nora Daly (Clonmel); Soccer: J. J., O'Dwyer (Tipperary); Sports Executive: Frank Kent (Clonmel); Volleyball: Mary Morrissey (Fethard); Knocknagow Award winner: Tommy O'Brien (Clonmel).

1975: Ladies Athletics: Mary Looby (Tipperary Town AC); Men's Athletics: Dick Fallon (Fethard); Cycling: Sean Kelly (Carrick Wheelers); Gaelic Football: Eddie Webster (Loughmore-Castleiney); Handball: Tom Morrissey & Eddie Farrell (St. Mary's); Hurling: Tadhg O'Connor (Roscrea); Ladies Football: Eleanor Carroll (Ardfinnan); Rowing: Clonmel Maiden Fours Crew (Seamus Conway, stroke); Soccer: Timmy Hally (Clonmel Bohemians); Sports Executive: Ned O'Shea (St, Mary's); Weightlifting: Bernie Fennessy (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Tommy Treacy (Illeigh)

1976: Ladies Athletics: Nora O'Grady (Nenagh); Men's Athletics: Pat Fallon (Fethard); Cycling: Bobby Power (Carrick-on-Suir); Gaelic Football: Vincent O'Donnell (Bansha); Golf: Arthur Pierce (Tipperary); Handball: Tony Ryan (Ballypatrick); Hurling: Joe Hogan (Roscrea); Equestrian: John Watson (Clonmel); Sculling: Dermot Wall (Clonmel); Soccer: Eamon O'Meara (Nenagh); Tennis: Cyril Murphy (Clonmel); Sports Executive: Bro. M. V. O'Grady (Cashel); Knocknagow Award: John Joe Barry (The Commons).

1977: Ladies Athletics: Norah O'Grady (Nenagh AC); Men's Athletics: Dick Fallon (Clonmel AC); Cycling: Bobby Power (Carrick Wheelers CC); Gaelic Football: Gene McGrath (Commercials); Golf: Arthur Pierce (Tipperary); Handball: Tony Ryan (Ballypatrick); Hurling: Jim Kehoe (Carrick Swan); Pitch and Putt: Joan Fogarty (Hillview); Soccer: Sean Kiely (Clonmel Town); Sports Executive: Joe Holden (Clonmel AC) Weightlifting: Tony Collins (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Mick Cahill (Mullinahone).

1978: Ladies Athletics: Noelle Morrissey (Nenagh AC); Men's Athletics: Anthony Barrett (Killenaule); Camogie: Kay Maxwell (Cashel); Cycling: Bobby Power (Carrick Wheelers CC); Equestrian: John Watson (Clonmel); Darts: Sean Norris (Clonmel); Gaelic Football: Sean Moloney (Fethard); Golf: Clonmel Junior Cup Team; Handball: Tony Ryan (Ballypatrick); Hurling: Jim Keogh (Silvermines); Soccer: Simon Sunderland (Clonmel Town); Sports Executive: Sean Naughton (Nenagh); Weightlifting: Bernie Fennessy (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Eddie Cantwell (Clonmel).

1979: Ladies Athletics: Margaret Crosse (Donohill); Men's Athletics: Tommy Moloney (Thurles); Camogie: Deirdre Delaney (Ballycommon); Equestrian: John Watson (Clonmel); Golf: Arthur Pierce (Tipperary); Handball: Noel & Tony Ryan (Ballypatrick); Hurling: Pat McLoughney (Shannon Rovers); Soccer: Sean Kiely (Clonmel); Sports Executive: Tony Smith (Rockwell College); Knocknagow Award: Jenny O'Donnell (Kilsheelan).

1980: Ladies Athletics: Noelle Morrissey (Nenagh); Men's Athletics: Denis Finnerty (Nenagh); Badminton: Con Redican (Monard & Golden); Camogie: Maureen Maher (Templemore); Cycling: Tony Ryan (Carrick Wheelers ICF); Gaelic Football: Michael Beston (Clogheen); Golf: Arthur Pierce (Tipperary); Handball: Tony Ryan (Ballypatrick); Hurling: Jim Maher (Loughmore-Castleiney); Ladies Football: Josephine Burke (Castleiney); Rowing: Paul McGrath (Clonmel); Shooting: Nicholas Cooney (Tipperary); Soccer: Paddy Ryan (Clonmel); Sports Executive: Liam Hennessy (Cappawhite); Weightlifting: Tony Collins (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Surviving Members of Triple Crown Team 1930.

1981: Ladies Athletics: Noelle Morrissey (Nenagh Olympic); Men's Athletics: Jim Sheehan (Nenagh Olympic); Cycling: Larry Power (Carrick Cidona Wheelers); Gaelic Football: Seamus McCarthy (Galtee Rovers); Handball: Pakie Mullins (Clonmel HC); Hurling: Pat Fox (Eire Óg); Pitch & Putt: Tipperary Inter-County Team; Soccer: Billy Lambe (Old Bridge AFA); Sports Executive: P. J. Kenny (Carrick-on-Suir); Weightlifting: Tony Collins (Clonmel WLC); Knocknagow Award: Michael Phelan (Clonmel).

1982: Ladies Athletics: Carmel Maher (Nenagh); Men's Athletics: John Fitzgerald (Clonmel); Boxing: Noel Guiry (Mullinahone); Cycling: Carrick Cidona Wheelers; Gaelic Football: Paudie O'Neill (Commercials); Golf: Arthur Pierce (Tipperary); Handball: Tony Ryan (Ballypatrick); Hurling: John Flanagan (Moycarkey-Borris); Soccer: P. J. O'Reilly (Clonmel Town); Sports Executive: Mick Tyrell (Clonmel); Powerlifting: Tony Collins (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Dr. Pat O'Callaghan and Bob Tisdall.

1983: Athletics: Mary Martin (Tipperary); Boxing: Noel Guiry (Mullinahone); Cycling: Stephen Spratt (Cidona Wheelers); Gaelic Football: Pat McGrath (Loughmore-Castleiney); Handball: Tony Ryan (Ballypatrick); Hurling: Nicky English (Lattin-Cullen); Powerlifting: Bernie Fennessy (Clonmel); Rugby: Rory Moroney (Clonmel); Soccer: Michael Bennett (Waterford FC); Sports Executive: Michael Guinan (Killenaule AC); Knocknagow Award: Jimmy Smith (Clonmel).

1984: Athletics: Jacqueline Stokes (Fethard); Camogie: Deirdre Lane (Celtic, Dublin); Cycling: Anthony O'Gorman (Cidona Carrick Wheelers); Gaelic Football: The County Minor Football Team; Handball: Kevin Mullins (Clonmel & John O'Donoghue (Cashel); Hurling: John McIntyre (Lorrha); Rugby: Rory Moroney (Landsdowne); Soccer: Kevin Kelly (Carrick-on-Suir); Sports Executive: Fr. Pierce Duggan (Upperchurch); Weightlifting: Michael Collins (Clonmel PWLC); Knocknagow Award: Paddy Cummins (Clonmel).

1985: Athletics: Tommy Moloney (Thurles Crokes AC); Boxing: Brendan St. John (Mullinahone AC); Cycling: Stephen Spratt (Cidona Carrick Wheelers); Gaelic Football: Willie Crowe (Arravale Rovers); Golf: Clonmel GC ˆ Jimmy Bruen Shield Winners; Handball: John O'Donoghue (Cashel HC); Hurling: Nicky English (Lattin-Cullen); Rallying: Frank Meagher (Cloneen); Soccer: Michael Grace (St. Michael's); Sports Executive: Billy Kennedy (Cidona Carrick Wheelers); Knocknagow Award: Surviving Members of County Senior Football Team 1935.

1986: Athletics: Tommy Moloney (Thurles Crokes); Badminton: Michael O'Meara (Nenagh); Cycling: Anthony O'Gorman (Bianconi Wheelers, Clonmel); Equestrian: Eamon Hickey (Clonmel); Gaelic Football: John Owens (Moyle Rovers); Hurling: Bobby Ryan (Borrisoleigh); Motor Sport: Frank Meagher (Cloneen); Soccer: Billy Byrne (Clonmel Town AFC); Sports Executive: Mick McCarthy (Moyle Rovers); Knocknagow Award: Tommy Doyle (Thurles Sarsfields).

1987: Athletics: Tom Moloney (Thurles Crokes); Badminton: Louise Hackett (Hillview); Cycling: Anthony O'Gorman (Clonmel); Equestrian: Eamon Hickey (Clonmel); Gaelic Football: Pat McGrath (Loughmore-Castleiney); Handball: Eddie Corbett (Ballyporeen); Hurling: Conor O'Donovan (Eire Óg, Nenagh); Pitch & Putt: Breda Lonergan (Tipperary Hills); Sports Executive: Paddy Doyle; Soccer: Martin Quinlivan (Waterford); Knocknagow Award: Paddy Fahey (Coolcroo).

1988: Athletics: Terry McHugh (Nenagh & DCH); Badminton: Aidan Fogarty (Cashel); Cycling: Anthony O'Gorman (Clonmel); Gaelic Football: Willie O'Meara (Fethard); Golf: Jimmy Bruen Winners (Clonmel Golf Club); Handball: Billy McCarthy (Clonmel); Hurling: Ken Hogan (Lorrha); Pitch & Putt: Eddie Lonergan (Tipperary Hills); Soccer: Stephen Napier (Clonmel); Sports Executive: Joe Mernagh (Dundrum); Rugby: John Lillis (Thurles RFC); Knocknagow Award: William 'Bunny' Lambe (Clonmel).

1989: Athletics: John Fitzgerald (Clonmel AC); Cycling: Denise White (Killy's Tipperary CC); Gaelic Football: John Costello (Cahir); Golf: Nenagh Golf Club; Handball: Billy McCarthy & Noel Ryan (Clonmel); Hurling: Pat Fox (Eire Óg); Judo: Valerie Colville (Fethard); Ladies Football: Ann Fitzpatrick (Ballymacarbery); Raquetball: Teresa Kennedy (Templederry); Soccer: Seamus Strappe (Clonmel & Shelbourne); Sports Executive: Babs Keating, Donie Nealon, Theo English. Knocknagow Award: Paddy Berkery (Landsdowne & Ireland).

1990: Athletics: John Fitzgerald (Clonmel AC); Camogie: Jovita Delaney (Cashel); Canine Sports: Donal O'Sullivan (Clogheen); Deep Sea Angling: Des O'Connell (Killenaule); Gaelic Football: Franny Kelly (Commercials); Handball: John O'Donoghue & Eddie Corbett (Cashel & Ballyporeen); Hurling: Michael Cleary (Eire Óg, Nenagh); Pitch & Putt: County Ladies team; Racquetball: Michael Ryan (Tipperary Town); Rugby: Tony Cooney (Kilfeacle RFGC); Soccer: Louis Coen (Killusty); Sports Executive: John McNamara (Commercials); Tennis: Eddie Grimson (Hillview); Knocknagow Award: Bill Ryan (Laha).

1991:Athletics: Terry McHugh (Dublin City Harriers); Camogie: Kaiffe Moloney (Cashel); Cycling: Robert Power (Cidona Carrick Wheelers); Equestrian Sports: Olivia Holohan (Killusty); Golf: Pierce Purcell Team (Nenagh Golf Club); Handball: John O'Donoghue & Eddie Corbett (Cashel & Ballyporeen); Hurling: John Leahy (Mullinahone); Racquetball: Bobbi Brennan (Fethard); Soccer: Michael Grace (St. Michael's); Sports Executive: Sean Naughton (Nenagh Olympics); Knocknagow Award: Tom Healy (Coolcroo).

1992: Athletics: Neil Ryan (Nenagh Olympic AC); Badminton: Aidan Fogarty (Cashel); Camogie: Deirdre Huighes (Toomevara); Cycling: Michael Fitzgerald (Clonmel Cycling Club); Gaelic Football: Peter lambert (Nemo Rangers); Handball: David Moloney (Cashel); Hurling: George Friend (Toomevara); Motor Sport: Frank Meagher (Cloneen); Racquetball: Christy Slattery (Templedery); Rugby: Kilfeacle Rugby Football Club; Soccer: Cyril Conran (Clonmel Town); Sports Executive: Bobby O'Brien (Thurles RFC); Knocknagow Award: Johnny Ryan (Moycarkey Borris).

1993: Athletics: Terry McHugh (Dublin City Harriers); Camogie: Mandy Quigley (Roscrea); Cycling: Michael Woods (Cidona Carrick Wheelers); Gaelic Football: Brian Burke (Fethard); Handball: Eddie Corbett (Ballyporeen); Hurling: Michael Ryan (Upperchurch-Drombane); Pitch & Putt: Tipp Men's Intercounty Senior Team; Racquetball: Bobbi Holohan (Killusty); Rowing: Conor Fennessy (Clonmel RC); Rugby: Thurles Rugby Football Club; Soccer: Cyril Conran (Clonmel Town); Sports Executive: Michael Guinan (St. Catherine's AC); Volleyball: Presentation Senior A Team (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Edmund 'Bunny' O'Reilly (Clanwilliam RFC).

1994: Athletics: Michael Hassett (St. Catherine's AC); Badminton: Eimear Holohan (Killenaule BC); Gaelic Football: Philly Ryan (Commercials); Golf: Paul Byrne (Nenagh GC); Gymnastics: Mellisa Walsh (Clonmel Olympic Club); Handball: Eddie Corbett (Ballyporeen); Hurling: Jodie Grace (Toomevara); Pitch & Putt: Brian Webster (Cashel); Rugby: Noel O'Meara (Young Munster RFC); Soccer: FAI Junior Cup Champions (Clonmel Town FC); Sports Executive: Tommy Lewis (Tipperary Southern and District League); Swimming: Marie Barry (Dolphin SC) Volleyball: Presentation Senior A Team (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Michael Dwan (Ballylooby & Dublin).

1995: Athletics: St. Catherine's AC (Killenaule); Cycling: Michael Fitzgerald (Cidona Carrick Wheelers CC); Gaelic Football: Derek Foley (Moyle Rovers); Golf: Dunhill Golf team (Cahir Park GC); Gymnastics: Mellisa Walsh (Clonmel Olympic Club); Handball: Carol Moloney (Cashel); Hockey: Ursuline Senior A Team (Thurles); Hurling: Kevin Tucker (Nenagh Eire Óg); Motor Sports: Frank Meagher (Cloneen); Pitch & Putt: Tipp Men's Senior Intercounty Team); Rugby: Pakie Hallissey (Kilfeacle RFC); Soccer: Yvonne Lyons (Ballyneale & Benefica LFC); Sports Executive: Michael O'Meara (Clonmel); Snooker: Tom Gleeson (Nenagh); Knocknagow Award: Willie Wall (Carrick Swans).

1996: Athletics: Gerry Ryan (Nenagh Olympic AC); Badminton: Brian Fogarty (Cashel); Basketball: Niamh O'Dwyer (Presentation Convent, Thurles); Gaelic Football (Declan Browne (Moyle Rovers); Golf: Jimmy Bruen Team (Thurles GC); Hockey: Ursuline Senior A Team (Thurles); Hurling: County Minor Hurling All-Ireland Champions; Rowing: Audrey Phelan (Thurles & U.C.D.); Rugby: Brian Carey (Blackrock, Connaght & Clonmel); Soccer: Ollie Cahill; Sports Executive: Sean Lyons (Clonmel); Swimming: Loreto Secondary School Team (Clonmel); Tennis: Kieran Lovell (Rosanna Club, Tipperary); Knocknagow Award: Tony Reddan (Lorrha).

1997: Athletics: Gerry Ryan (Nenagh Olympic AC); Badminton: Tipperary Intercounty Team; Basketball: Kieran Quinn (Cappawhite); Camogie: Noelle Kennedy (Toomevara); Cycling: Ray Clarke (Premier CC, Clonmel); Gaelic Football: Willie Morrissey (Fethard); Golf: Pearse Purcell Shield All-Ireland Mixed Foursomes (Thurles); Handball: Jackie Keating & Carol Moloney (Cashel); Hockey: Ursuline Senior A Team (Thurles); Hurling: Declan Ryan (Clonoulty-Rossmore); Rugby: Alan Quinlan (Clanwilliam & Shannon); Snooker: Brendan O'Donoghue (Nenagh); Soccer: Stephen O'Neill (Clonmel Town FC); Sports Executive: John Freeman (Thurles); Swimming: Natalie Clooney (Olympic SC, Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Jimmy Reardon (St. Mary's, Donore AC & Villanova, N.Y.

1998: Athletics: Orla Power (Carrick AC); Badminton: Brian Fogarty (Cashel); Basketball: Niamh O'Dwyer (Presentation, Thurles); Boxing: Stephen O'Brien (Mullinahone); Gaelic Football: Declan Browne; Golf: Perase Purcell Team (Nenagh GC); Gymnastics: Paula Dempsey & Christina Brunnock (Cahir) and Caitrions Cahill (Clonmel); Handball: Daragh Lyons (Clogheen) & Michael John Meany (Ballyporeen); Horse Racing: Seamus Durack (Clogheen); Hurling: Tommy Dunne (Toomevara); Rugby: Frank Roche (Thurles RFC); Sports Executive: Seamus McCarthy (Bansha); Soccer: Illie Cahill (Cork City FC); Tennis: Clodagh McMurrough (Tipperary); Knocknagow Award: Sean Cleary (Commercials). 

1999: Athletics: Tom Coman (Templemore SC); Boxing: Robert Ryan (Mullinahone); Camogie: Tipperary Senior Team All-Ireland Champions; Gaelic Football (Liam Cronin (Moyle Rovers); Golf: All-Ireland Mixed Foursomes Team (Templemore GC); Horse Racing: Paul Moloney (Lagganstown) & Philip Fenton (Ballynonty); Hurling: Tommy Dunne (Toomevara); Power-Lifting: Francis McGivney (Clonmel); Racquetball: Joan Kennedy (Nenagh); Rowing: Paul Fennessy & Brendan Wall (Clonmel RC); Rugby: John Fogarty (Cashel & Cork Con); Soccer: Michael Grace (St. Michael's); Sports Executive: Biddy Phillips (Thurles); Knocknagow Award: Team of the Century Members, John Doyle, Jimmy Doyle, Jimmy Finn, Tony Reddan..

2000: Athletics: Tom Coman (Templemore AC); Basketball: Presentation Secondary School (Thurles); Boxing: Jonathon Shaw (Clonmel); Camogie: Jovita Delaney (Cashel); Equestrian: Kevin Babington (Carrick & New Jersey); Gaelic Football: Moyle Rovers; Handball: Gerard Coonan (Ballina HC); Hurling: Brendan Cummins (Ballybacon Grange); Pitch & Putt: Jason McNamara (Hillview); Racquetball: Joan Kennedy (Dolla RC); Rugby: Nenagh Ormond; Soccer: Kevin O'Sullivan (St. Michael's); Sports Executive: Tommy Wade (Gouldscross); Tennis: Clodagh McMorrow (Tipperary); Knocknagow Award: Jimmy Hannon (Coolcroo AC).

2001: Athletics: Mandy Crowe (Bansha); Basketball: Scoil Ruain Team (Killenaule); Camogie: Tipperary County Senior Team; Cycling: Gavin Pyke (Clonmel); Equestrian: Kevin Babington (Carrick); Gaelic Football: Willie Morrissey (Fethard); Golf: Thurles Golf Club; Hurling: Tommy Dunne (Toomevara); Motor Sport: Donie Keating (Cahir); Rowing: Andy Ryan & Paul Nugent (Clonmel RC); Rugby: Rockwell Senior team; Sailing: Peter Bayly & William Atkinson (Lough Derg YC); Soccer: Peake Villa (Thurles); Sports Executive: Tom Fennessy (Clonmel RC); Swimming: Will Carey (Nenagh); Tennis: Clodagh McMorrow (Tipperary); Knocknagow Award: Pake Brennan (Geraldines).

2002: Athletics: Margaret Danagher (Templemore AC); Basketball: Dearbhla Breen (UL); Boxing: Kevin Fennessy (Clonmel BC); Camogie: Una O'Dwyer (Cashel); Cycling: Cidona Carrick Wheelers; Gaelic Football: Declan Browne (Moyle Rovers); Golf: Marian Riordan (Tipperary); Handball: Gerard Coonan (Ballina HC); Hockey: Susanne O'Connor (Cashel); Horse Racing: David Cross (Clonoulty); Hurling: Paul Kelly (Mullinahone); Ladies Football: County Junior Team; Martial Arts: Kayleigh Tynan (Nenagh); Raquetball: Joan Kennedy (Dolla RC); Rugby: Denis Leamy (Cashel RFC); Soccer: James Walsh (St. Michaels FC); Sports Executive: Michael Cleary (Nenagh); Knocknagow Award: Jimmy Butler Coffey (Newport).

2003: Athletics: Templemore AC; Basketball: Grainne O'Dwyer (Presentation, Thurles); Boxing: Clonmel Boxing Club; Camogie: Eimear McDonnell (Burgess); Cycling: Raymond Clarke (Cycleways, Dublin); Gaelic Football: Cahir; Horse Racing: Alan Crowe (Bansha); Handball: Fergal Collins (Ballina); Hurling: Brendan Cummins (Ballybacon-Grange); Snooker: Brendan O'Donoghue (Nenagh SC); Soccer: Kevin Blanche (Clonmel Town FC); Sports Executive: Martin O'Loughlin (Cidona Carrick Wheelers); Knocknagow Award: Theo English (Marlfield).

2004: Athletics: Ballynonty Athletic Club; Boxing: Clonmel Boxing Club; Camogie: Una O'Dwyer (Cashel); Cycling: Jeff Hanrahan (Clonmel CC); Gaelic Football: Declan Browne (Moyle Rovers); Golf: Harry Mulhare & Joe Irwin (Thurles GC); Hurling: Toomevara SH Team; Ladies Football: Under-14 Girls team (Cahir); Rugby: Denis Fogarty (Cashel & Cork Con); Rowing: Ailish Redmond & Linda Kennedy (Clonmel RC); Soccer: Carrick Utd. FC; Sean Lyons Sports Executive: Richard Power (T.S. & D.L.); Knocknagow Award; John Kelly (Loughmore); Special Achievement Award: Orla Hogan.

2005: Athletics: Thomas Chamney (Crusaders SC & Notre Dame, USA); Basketball: Loreto Secondary School (Clonmel); Boxing: Kevin Fennessy (Clonmel BC); Camogie: Claire Grogan (Cashel); Cycling: Dan Morrissey (Carrick Wheelers); Gaelic Football: Tipperary Senior Team; Handball: Martin McInerney (Ballina HC); Hurling: Ger 'Redser' O'Grady (Thurles sarsfields); Ladies Football: Angie McDermott (Cappawhite); Rowing: Women's Junior 8 Team (Clonmel); Rugby: Nenagh Ormond RC; Soccer: Under-12 Team (Clonmel Town); Sean Lyons Sports Executive: Seamus Roche (Kilsheelan); Knocknagow Award: Mickey Byrne (Thurles Sarsfields).

2006: Athletics: Keith Maher (Thurles Crokes AC); Basketball: Presentation Secondary School (Thurles); Boxing: Con Sheehan (Clonmel BC); Camogie: Cashel Camogie Club; Cycling: Ray Clarke (Clonmel); Gaelic Football: Senior Football team (Aherlow); Handball: Fergal Collins (Ballina HC); Hurling: Eoin Kelly (Mullinahone); Ladies Football: Mairead Morrissey (Bansha); Pitch & Putt: James Cleary (Hillview); Rowing: Peter Heverin (Clonmel RC); Rugby: Tommy O'Donnell (Cahir); Sean Lyons Sports Executive Award: Pat Moroney (Aherlow); Soccer: Under-11 team (Clonmel Town); Swimming: Andrew Yates; Tennis: Hannah May Morrissey (Cashel); Knocknagow Award: Michael Arrigan (Clonmel).

2007: Athletics: Amanda Farrell (Borrisokane); Boxing: Dessie Fahey (Clonmel BC); Cycling: Sam Bennett (Carrick CC); Gaelic Football: James Williams (Moyle Rovers); Golf: Arthur Pierce (Tipperary); Handball: Paul Mullins (Clonmel HC); Hurling: Senior Hurling Team (Loughmore-Castleiney); Pitch & Putt: Michelle McCarthy (Hillview); Sean Lyons Sports Executive Award: Tommy Toomey (Arravale Rovers); Soccer: James Walsh (St. Michael's FC); Special Achievement Award: Four Special Olympians: William Keane, Eddie Ryan, Julie McGrath, Siobhán McMahon; Knocknagow Award: Frank Rothwell (Clonmel).

2008: Athletics: Aoife Bartley (Carrick-on-Suir); Boxing: Con Sheehan (Clonmel); Camogie: Trisha O'Halloran (Portroe); Cycling: Sam Bennett (Carrick-on-Suir); Gaelic Football: Colin Morrissey (Galtee Rovers); Golf: Kieran Kennedy (Thurles); Handball: Ger Coonan & Martin McInerney (Ballina); Hurling: Shane McGrath (Ballinahinch); Ladies Football: Tipperary Intermediate Team; Pitch & Putt: Paul O'Brien (Lakeside, Templemore); Rugby: Niamh Briggs & Kate O'Loughlin (Clonmel); Soccer: Carrick United F.C.; Sean Lyons Sports Executive Award: Martin Fennessy (Clonmel); Knocknagow Award: Denis 'Sonny' O'Sullivan (Thurles).



Members of the United Sports Panel 1959-2009

(Current members in bold.) 

Sean Cleary (1959) 

Sean Lyons (1959-2001) RIP

Sean Barlow (1959-2000) 

Bill Hyland (1959-1977) RIP 

Christy Mulcahy (1959-1971) RIP

Eddie O'Neill (1959-1969)

Bill O'Brien (1959-1981) RIP

Paddy Cummins (1959 -1972) RIP

Ken Hogan (1959-1984)

Tom Halpin (1959-1965) RIP 

Ted Dillon (1959-1987) RIP

John Boyle (1960-1978) RIP

Tom Carroll (1961-1974)

Michael O'Meara (1963-1976)

Seamus O'Doherty (1972-1993) 

Johnny Ryan (1973-2001) 

Liam Delahunty (1973-2000) 

Johnny O'Loughlin (1976- )

Jimmy Cooney (1976- ) 

Phil Corby (1981-1986) 

Peter Tobin (1982-1989) RIP

Davy Hallinan (1986-2004) 

Michael Guinan (1986-2004)

Paddy Doyle (1989-2002) . 

Phil Lowry (1993-1997)

Eamonn Wynne (1993- ) 

John Quirke (1997-2005) 

Seamus J. King (2001- ) 

James Holohan (2001) 

James Hayden (2002-2005) 

Cyril O'Flaherty (2002-2008) RIP

Richie Blanche (2004-) 

Ken Conway (2004-) 

Seamus McCarthy (2005- )

Liam 6 Donnchu (2005- )

Davy Hallinan (2007- )

David Clancy (2008- )




Sean Cleary 1959-60

Tom Halpin 1960-66

Sean Barlow 1966-69

Bill O'Brien 1969-72

Ken Hogan 1972-75

Bill Hyland 1975-76

John Boyle 1976-79

Seamus O'Doherty 1979-82

Ted Dillon 1982-85

Liam Delahunty 1985-88

Johnny O'Loughlin 1988-91

Jimmy Cooney 1991-94

Dave Hallinan 1994-97

Paddy Doyle 1997-2000

Michael Guinan 2000-03

Eamonn Wynne 2003-06

James Holohan 2006-09



Sean Lyons 1959-66

Eddie O'Neill 1966-69

Tom Carroll 1969-72

Seamus O'Doherty 1972-75

Ken Hogan 1975-86

Seamus O'Doherty 1986-94

Jimmy Cooney 1994-04

Seamus J. King 2004-09



Sean Lyons 1966-2001

Jimmy Cooney 2002-06

Ken Conway 2006-09 


Forty Sports Honoured Over Fifty Years

When the first United Sports Panel met in 1959 the members chose ten sports to honour in the first year. These were Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Camogie, Cycling, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Soccer, Sports Executive and Table Tennis. Since then thirty more sports have been honoured in the annual awards

With the exception of Table Tennis, which has only been honoured twice over the fifty years, the other nine sports have been honoured regularly during the intervening years. Standing out above them all, and the only sports to be included in the awards every year, are hurling and athletics, which have 50 awards to date. The continued recognition of hurling is understandable in the light of its standing in the county. There is a strong tradition of athletics also, perhaps not as strong now as it was in the sixties and seventies. In fact from 1967 to 1982 there was double recognition for athletics, with Ladies Athletics and Men's Athletics treated as two distinct sports and each of them honoured annually. In 1983 the panel decided to amalgamate the two with men and women athletes given equal rights to be recognised and in the first two years, 1983 and 1984, the winners were women, Mary Martin of Tipperary and Jackie Stokes of Fethard respectively

Gaelic Football takes up third place with 48 awards. It missed out in 1967 and 1979 and it is probably unthinkable that it would miss out today when the panel members vote for sports. Soccer and Sports Excutive take up fourth and fifth positions with 46 awards each. The Sports Executive which, since 2004, is the Sean Lyons Sports Executive Award, named after founder member of the panel and early secretary and longtime treasurer, while mostly recognising managerial talent in sport, covers a range of performances.

Cycling has received 39 awards, a recognition of its strength especially in the south of the county. Handball, which was honoured for the first time in 1960, has received the same number of awards.

Next in line is camogie, which has received 30 awards and the sport got regular recognition with the rise of the Tipperary senior team in the nineties. Boxing has received 21 awards and basketball 11, the latter mostly honouring secondary school achievements. Pitch & Putt, which was also recognised for the first time in 1960, has won 14 awards.

Weightlifting came in in 1962, when it won its first award and it has now won 11 in all. A related form of the sport, Powerlifting, was honoured for the fust time in 1981 and has received two awards.

Three sports were honoured for the first time in 1967. As mentioned above Ladies Athletics was recognised as a separate sport in 1967 and until it was amalgamated with men's in 1982, was honoured with 15 Awards. In the same year Golf was honoured and has received 22 awards to date. Rugby was the third sport on the scene that year, perhaps a rather belated recognition of a popular sport but also reflecting its low profile in the county until then, and it has been honoured with 18 awards in the meantime.

Nine more sports were honoured during the seventies. Badminton was honoured in 1971 and has 12 awards to date. Clay Bird Shooting got its one and only recognition in 1972. Ladies football came in in 1974 and has received 9 awards. Volleyball was honoured the same year but has received only one award since. Rowing made its appearance in 1975 and has been honoured 9 times in all. Equestrian Sports were recognised in 1976 and has 9 awards to its credit. Sculling got its one and only award in the same year. Tennis was also recognised for the first time in 1976 and has been honoured 7 times in all. Darts received its first and only honour in 1978.

Six sports were honoured for the first time during the eighties. Shooting was honoured for the first and only time in 1980, as was rallying in 1985. Powerlifting was mentioned above. Motor Sport came on the scene in 1986 and has been honoured 4 times in all. Judo, with its first an only honour, was recognised in 1989. In the same year Raquetball made its appearance and has been honoured 8 times in all.

The nineties continued to recognise new sports. Two unusual ones were honoured for the first and only time in 1990, Canine Sports and Deep Sea Angling. In 1995 Gymnastics, Hockey and Snooker were honoured for the fIrst time. Gymnastics has been honured twice, Hockey 4 times and Snooker 3 times. Swimming got its fIrst of four honours in 1996 as did Horse racing in 1998.

Sailing made its first and only appearance in 2001 as did Martial Arts in 2002.

In a completely different category to anything before was the recognition in a Special Achievement Award of our 4 Special Olympians in the year 2007.

The great variety of sports that has been honoured in the awards over half-a-century is a very fine recognition of the openness of the members to new sports and their desire to promote them through their recognition in the awards. This work fulfils the purpose of the United Sports Panel which is to promote sport throughout County Tipperary by the annual presentation of the (Cidona) Annerville Awards to the selected stars. While constantly on the lookout for new sports to be recognised the panel have never forgotten the popular sports, which entertain the majority of people within the county, and these continue to be recognised and honoured also. 


The Knocknagow Award

The format of the United Sports Panel awards has remained fairly constant over the fifty years with the exception of one major addition in 1962, when the Knocknagow Award was added to the list of awards.

The intention behind the new award was to recognise a great sportsman of the past and the choice of name was most appropriate. The name Knocknagow resonates with so much in the minds of Tipperary people. At one level it recalls the name of Charles Kickhams' great novel about the ordinary people in the 19th century, written by one of themselves. At another level it stands for heroic effort and triumphing against the odds, the ability to rise above one's limitations for the credit of the little village. The name touches the heartstrings of every Tipperary man worth his salt, suggesting devotion to place and county, even to a greater patriotism. It was a most fitting name for an award honouring the greatest Tipperary sporting stars of the past.

It was only fItting that the fIrst award should go to an athlete, J. J. Ryan of Drumline, who ran over all kinds of distances from the mile to the marathon in the 1920s. He won a 5000 metres international event in Berlin in 1925 with some of the best middle distance runners in Europe trailing in his wake.

Many other athletes have been honoured since then including Ned Tobin, the track and fIeld star, and the Ballincurry Hare, J. J. Barry, Pat O'Callaghan and Bob Tisdall of Olympic fame, Paddy Fahey, Tom Healy and Jimmy Hannon, who shone for Coolcroo AC, as well as Jimmy Reardon, who was one of the fIrst Irish atthetes to get a scholarship to Villanova University, and power- and weight-lifting stars, Michael Arrigan and Frank Rothwell. The latest winner of the award is another athlete, Denis 'Sonny' O'Gorman, a Thurles man who represented the U.K. in the 1960 Olympics

Not surprisingly a number of hurlers have been honoured with the award. The fIrst was Martin Kennedy in 1963 and following him were Tommy Treacy, of Killea and Dublin fame, the surviving members of the 1930 Triple Crown championship winning teams, Tommy Doyle, Johnny Ryan, Willie Wall, Tony Reddin, the four players honoured by An Post for the Millennium, John Doyle, Jimmy Doyle, Jimmy Finn and Tony Reddin, Jimmy 'Butler' Coffey, whose exploits stretch back to the 1920s and 1930s, Theo English and Mickey 'The Rattler' Byme.

Gaelic footballers also make the distinguished list, commencing with Tommy O'Keeffe in 1964, and including the surviving members of the 1920 All-Ireland championship winning side, Mick Cahill, the surviving members of the 1935 Munster champions, William 'Bunny' Lambe, Bill Ryan (Laha), Sean Cleary and Pake Brennan.

Johnny Healy of Clonmel was recognised in 1965 and two other boxers, Jimmy Smith and Eddie Cantwell have been recognised since.

Rugby has also been honoured three times in Dr. Paddy Stokes of Fethard, Paddy Berkery, who played for Landsdowne and Ireland, and Edmund 'Bunny' O'Rahilly of Clanwilliam.

Soccer has been honoured twice, with Joe Butler of Cahir getting his award in 1966 and P. J. Cumrnins of Clonmel in 1984. Handball has also been honoured twice with Joe Bergin of Nenagh getting the award in 1971 and Paddy Ormonde of Ballyporeen two years later.

A number of sports have received one award. Jack Ayres of Nenagh got the award for his achievements in billiards in 1967. Ed Beary of Clonmel got the award for rowing in 1969. Mick Phelan of Grange was honoured in 1981 for cycling. The famous Tommy O'Brien was awarded in 1974. The journalist and broadcaster was one ofthe finest billiard players in the country in the 1950s, winning three national amateur titles and reaching four other fInals.

The only woman ever to receive the award was Janet O'Donnell from Kilsheelan. She received her award in 1979 for hockey, having been an Irish international player in the late 1930s.

The recipients of the Knocknagow Awards are a very select bunch and to date have been chosen from fourteen different sports. The presentation of the award is the high point of the annual presentation dinner. There is usually a dramatic hush among the guests in expectation of the announcement and thunderous applause as the winner makes his way to the podium to receive the presentation. He is the most special person on the night.