Towards a Bibliography of Books relating to Cashel and by Cashel People

Compiled for Feile Fidelma Literary Weekend in Cashel, September 2017

by Peter Berresford Ellis & Seamus J. King

Sanas Cormac compiled by Cormac Ua Cuilennain, King-Bishop of Cashel in the 10th Century, the first known Irish ‘dictionary’.

Vision of Tnudgal written by Brother Marcus of Cashel c. 1148-1150, which is an aisling saga about a Cashel warrior who journeys to Cork and has a vision of the Otherworld. The best English version is translated by Jean-Michel Picard and Yolande de Pontfarcy, Four Courts Press, Dublin, 1989.

Caithreim Cheallachain Chaisil (The Battle-History of Ceallachain of Cashel) which was translated into English and published by Professor Alexander Bugge, University of Christiana, Det Norske Historishe Kilderkritford, 1905. It was written about AD 1127-1138 and Cellachán Caisil mac Buadacháin (died 954) was the Eóghanacht King who drove the Vikings out of Munster long before Brian Boru did his ‘thing’ at Clontarf).

Leabhar Muimhneach (Book of Munster) ed. Tadhg Ó Donnchadha, Irish Manuscript Commission, Dublin, 1940.

An Ecclesiastical History of Ireland in 4 Volumes by Rev. John Lanigan, D.D. (Dublin 1822)

Forgotten by History: the life and times of John Lanigan, Priest, Professor and Historian by J. Feehan in Tipperary Historical Journal (2005), pp. 43-60.

Historical and Legendary Recollections of the Rock of Cashel by M. St. John Neville (Dublin 1873)

Cashel of the Kings by J. Davis White (Cashel 1876)

A Guide to the Rock of Cashel by J. Davis White (Cashel 1888)

Abstracts from the ancient records of the corporation of Cashel by T. Laffan (JRSAI, 1904)

The Storming of the Rock of Cashel by Lord Inchiquin in 1647 by Rev. St. John D. Seymour (English Historical Review, pp. 373-381, 1917)

Illustrated Guide to Rock and Ruins of Cashel by A Finn (Clonmel 1920)

Cashel of the Kings by L. M. McCraith (Clonmel 1920)

Royal and Saintly Cashel by A Finn (CTS 1929)

The Hermit on the Rock: A Tale of Cashel by Mrs. J. Sadlier (Dublin 1921)

The Archbishops of Cashel by Rev. M. Maher (Dublin 1927).

Cashel: The City of the Kings: Official Guide (Cashel 1930?)

The Singing-Men at Cashel by Austin Clarke (London 1936)

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Irish Kings and High-Kings, Francis John Byrne, B.T. Batsford, London, 1973. (section on Cashel is still standard reading)

St. Patrick's Rock by Rev. A. O'Donnell (Cashel 1961)

The Rock of Cashel by K. McGowan (Dublin 1973)

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Cormac's Chapel Cashel by A. Hill (Cork 1874)

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A History of Medieval Ireland, Edmund Curtis, Maunsel and Roberts, Dublin 1923 (still a good standard)

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Sister Fidelma’s Cashel: The Early Kings of Munster and their capital, Peter Tremayne, International Sister Fidelma Society, 2008 …!!!!

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Irish Gothic Architecture: Construction, Decay and Reinvention edited by Roger Stalley (Dublin 2012) Includes a couple of important chapters on the architecture and construction of the buildings on the Rock of Cashel.

My Life & Times in Cashel by Seán Ó Duibhir (Cashel 2012)

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