Golden-Kilfeacle: the Parish and its People

This book is as much about the Parish of Golden & Kilfeacle as it is about the G.A.A. Club of Golden-Kilfeacle.

It was lovingly researched over many years by the late Senator Willie Ryan, who died before the work was completed. He left behind over 700 pages of typewritten manuscript with quite a number of gaps and omissions also. I was given the task of bringing it down to manageable proportions for publication and keeping is as closely as possible to what Willie Ryan would have desired. Helping and advising me along the way was a committee of Jim Fogarty, Alice Carroll, Denis Carr and John Currivan.

Hardcover: 370 pages
Published: 1997
Publisher: Parish of Golden Kilfeacle
Printer: Sci-Print Ltd., Shannon, Co. Clare
Availability: From the Golden Kilfeacle Club