Tipperary's G.A.A. Story: 1935-1984

This book tells the story of the G.A.A. in the county of Tipperary during the fifty years, 1935-1984. It takes up the story left off by Canon Philip Fogarty in his book, Tipperary’s G.A.A. Story, which was published in 1960, and covered the period from the foundation of the G.A.A. in Thurles in 1884 up to 1934.

The book concentrates on the fortunes of the county teams in hurling and football in all grades.

It is divided into two sections with the first part devoted to hurling and the second to football. It is divided into year accounts and each year includes an account of the county senior hurling and football championships as well.

What adds enormously to the value of the book as a reference work is the number of appendices, twenty-two in all, that it contains. These cover a range of ancillary G.A.A. activities such as G.A.A fields in the county, the History of Semple Stadium, Scór, handball, camogie, the schools, etc. As well there are profiles of administrators, top players, lists of officials, county referees, Tipperary players on Railway Cup teams, all the county teams that lined out during the period, county championship winners and results, divisional champions, Bord na nÓg, etc.

The book is a huge and impressive compendium of information about the G.A.A. in the county over the period of fifty years.

Hardcover: 727 pages
Published: 1988
Publisher: Tipperary County Board
Printer: Leinster Leader Ltd
Availability: This book is no longer available


‘It is an outstanding record of the period and a valuable companion for anyone interested in the Tipperary G.A.A. Story.’

‘Seamus J. King, the indefatigable hurling and county historian, recently launched volume three of Tipperary’s G.A.A. Story, covering 1985-2004. It may seem like an unduly small period of time to justify a whole volume but it’s not an unusual time frame.  So many histories were encouraged for G.A.A. centenary year that many books extend up to 1984