Tipperary's G.A.A. Story: 1985-2004

This book brings the story of the G.A.A. history of County Tipperary up to 2004. A companion volume of Tipperary’s G.A.A. Story 1935-1984, it gives a detailed account of the history of hurling and football in the county over a twenty-one year period.

The book contains thirty chapters. The first twenty chapters cover the story of hurling in the county on a year to year basis, concluding with a comprehensive chapter dealing with intercounty and county hurling results.

The football story during the twenty one years is told in one chapter and it is followed by intercounty and county football results.

The remaining chapters deal with Stars and Achievers, The Grounds Development Report, Tipperary G.A.A. Members Draw, The Tipperary Institute Story, the Story of Féile, Growth in County Finances 1985-2004, and The Tipperary Supporters Club.

One of the strengths of the book is the inclusion of the full panels of teams on their last day out in the championship, with their full first names and their clubs.

Hardcover: 676 pages
Published: 2005
Publisher: Tipperary County Board
Printer: Litho Press, Midleton, Co. Cork
Availability: Available from Lar Na Paire