Classic Munster Hurling Finals

Classic Munster Finals describes 19 games between 1952 and 2004 in which the results were somewhat different to expected.

Many of the games could not be described as illustrations of ‘classical’ hurling. Rather were they encounters in which passion and feeling dominated. Undoubtedly there were moments of skillful endeavour but the contests will be remembered for the intensity of the exchanges, the commitment of the players and, in many cases the unexpectedness of the results.

The selection is arbitrary, determined to a great extent by the author’s knowledge and experience. The fact that Tipperary feature in eleven finals, as victors in four and winners in seven, may reflect a certain bias in favour of the county. Cork feature in ten finals, Limerick in seven, Clare in six and Waterford in four. The selection on the other hand may be a fair reflection of the relative strength of the counties in Munster hurling over the period.

As well as covering the actual finals, the book covers the lead up through an account of the other championship games in the particular year, and describes the expectations of the teams coming into the final. The account includes the full names and clubs of all the members of the opposing panels. There are also quotes from some of the players on their memories of the games. The book is well-illustrated.

The games covered are as follows:

1952 Cork v Tipperary
1955 Limerick v Clare
1960 Tipperary v Cork
1963 Waterford v Tipperary
1966 Cork v Waterford
1971 Tipperary v Limerick
1973 Limerick v Tipperary
1978 Cork v Clare
1980 Limerick v Cork
1981 Limerick v Clare
1984 Cork v Tipperary
1987 Tipperary v Cork
1990 Cork v Tipperary
1991 Tipperary v Cork
1994 Limerick v Clare
1995 Clare v Limerick
1997 Clare v Tipperary
2002 Waterford v Tipperary
2004 Waterford v Cork

Hardcover: 440 pages
Published: 2007
Publisher: Gill & Macmillan